Sunday, February 1, 2009

For the regular people

I'm obsessed with artist Dallas Clayton's blog. He writes brilliantly but simply -- something I've yet to master. A particular poem, titled "Teen Vogue", is worth sharing (among many other gems of his):

I like to let the models out
and watch them walk with the regular people
down crowded streets
and market thoroughfares.
like elegant giraffes
so high above the sad sad faces.

They strain to see them
the regulars do,
to touch their coats
and smell their hair.

They try to be gentle,
not frighten them off.
They take pictures
and bring them home
and tack them to the wall
and before bed each night
they imagine a world where
they too could be in magazines
selling belts.

I sound the whistle
after about an hour
and herd the models
toward the corral
behind the house
miles off the main road
and fence them in again.

It’s the second Friday of every month
and sometimes Sunday morning.

Just enough
for them to be seen
but not so much
that the others start thinking
that they are just like everyone else.

There is always something truthful and something laughable in his poems.

Miss Couturable
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