Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Everyone knows I love Bernini

My friend and I caught up with our former art history instructor today -- it was a quick after-school chat, but I enjoyed hearing about her favorite places to travel in Europe (I am now determined to learn Italian in college) and discussing our favorite works of art. My friend recalled The Seated Boxer -- "Something about that just struck out to me," he said. But he couldn't pinpoint exactly why it did.

Bernini's Ecstasy of Saint Teresa always struck out to me -- but I can't explain it fully in words either. Is it Bernini's ability to create different textures (gauzy material, feathery wings, smooth flesh) with marble? Is it the theatrical expression that is so representative of Italian Baroque and of Bernini's own skill? Heck, is it the lighting?

I never really wanted to be a painter, but I've always wanted to sculpt. Educate me -- what are your favorite works of art?

Miss Couturable
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