Sunday, February 15, 2009

Functionality and fashion

Last week, a friend said, "If I go to school on the east coast, my mom says I can have all the North Face I want!" with the same enthusiasm I would have if North Face was replaced with Chanel or red velvet cupcakes.

I, being my hoity-toity self, just never thought North Face was, er, fashionable. Not even in eighth grade when all the cool girls had black North Face fleeces -- it just isn't my style.

But you know, while I could never delight or swoon over a North Face purchase in the same way that I do for Lanvin flats, I just bought a white North Fleece jacket for this weekend's ski trip with my family -- and it is very comfortable and warm. A girl can have all the peacoats and blazers that she wants, but she also needs one North Face jacket -- just in case.

I do look like a marshmellow, but at least I feel like a toasted marshmellow.

Miss Couturable
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