Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I want to write like a girl too

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In order to learn more about a college or university, I always peruse the campus newspaper. Perusing isn't even the right word -- I pretty much read the daily paper front-to-back, and then I visit the online newspaper. Reading the newspaper is an excellent way to see the school from the students' perspectives, understand the priorities of the school, and learn about campus events and activities.

Today, I was reading The Chronicle, Duke University's independent daily newspaper. After clicking through a few links (okay, a lot -- I didn't have school today and I had the time), I found myself reading one of Faran Krentcil's columns from when she was an undergraduate at Duke. Yes -- Faran, founder of Fashionista and current Digital Director of Nylon. At Duke, she wrote a column called, "You Write Like a Girl" -- and she writes like a girl brilliantly!

Some of my favorite excerpts:
According to my mom, the best way to change a system is from within that system. "If you're going to a women's rights rally," she said, "look beautiful so men can't say, 'she's just bitter because she's ugly.' You could be part of their structure, but you're choosing a different path, a better one." -- Faran explains it all

Last week the sun skimmed over West Campus. Iced lattes melted and there was more Lily Pulitzer at Alpine than on East Hampton. As I sat on the quad, the summer sky was closing in, and the year was closing up. If the only baggage we want to have is our Vera Bradley carry-alls, we might have some work to do. Admitting you have a problem is usually the first step. So for all of us with closure issues, repeat after me:
It's ending, and we're ready. -- Summer, start your engines

When it comes to relationships, you can't always get what you want. But if you stick with your friends, blow off the pity party and get yourself to a real one, then you usually get what you need. -- An excellent adventure

My friend and I used to think that happiness was like a Barney's shoe sale: You duke it out for the one perfect life the way you scratch and tear your way to one pair of perfect Prada pumps. But there is no one perfect way to be. Everyone's future is a different fit, and it can't run out or go on backorder. -- Custom-fit futures

Girl Glares are a quick fix. They don't really make us stronger, and they turn us into bitches that we don't need to be. Salads and water aren't the solution. As soon as one thing gets fixed, you'll find something else that's too ugly, too pretty, too big or too small.
I wish that the answer to happiness were as attainable as a flat stomach or an expensive purse. But after years of diets and Louis Vuitton splurges, I know it's just not true. I also know that "beauty" has a million definitions.
It's our job, as women and as peers, to find one-in-a-million beauty that defines us. Maybe then, we'll finally be able to stare at ourselves. -- The 'Girl Glare'

I don't know why, but I've been both frightened and excited by the prospect of attending college in a few months. And Faran made me realize that even some of the most brilliant writers in fashion are just like the rest of us. There's hope for me, ha.

Miss Couturable
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