Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stuffed with love (and pizookie)

{By Francine silk minidress, pink Swarovski-crystal drop earrings, heart-shaped pendant necklace, polka-dotted clutch from Target, Taryn Rose patent leather platforms pumps with glitter heels, crimson satin bows tied around wrists}
For most of Valentine's Day, I lounged around in a pair of black Calvin Klein hipster undies, a white Gap tank top, and a pair of black cashmere knee-high socks, rereading The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath and wondering what Plath would say about this day. I don't love this holiday, nor do I hate it and consider it a consumer-driven day. I mean, at least it's a day to celebrate love.

But then I realized that I was actually going out to dinner with some friends (single and taken) -- concluding the night with a game of pool, scary stories, and truth or dare (apparently I was born to sell underwear).
Oh, and BJ's pizookie. I thought I had a thing for red velvet cake but warm chocolate chip goodness with vanilla ice cream is so much better.

Miss Couturable
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