Thursday, February 19, 2009

Vegan 'til six

I really need to incorporate more vegetables into my diet. My family used to eat mainly vegetarian dishes, but lately our dinners have consisted of some variety of lamb or beef, some type of fish, some form of carbohydrates, and not enough leafy greens. I thought Asian families ate more vegetables than meat.

So, I'm going "vegan until six". That is, no animal products until after 6:00pm (which is basically dinnertime). This way, I can take advantage of the ample array of vegetables and fruits at the salad bar at lunch, make sure I veer away from cupcakes for breakfast (I've been guilty of this many times), and still enjoy Mumsies' braised lamb shank at dinner.
And macarons or frozen yogurt for dessert.

Miss Couturable
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