Monday, February 16, 2009

We're in a Barbie world

Before winter break, my advisory group signed up to buy presents for a local underprivileged family. I was in charge of buying gifts for the little girl. On her wish list, she had asked for a Barbie doll and the High School Musical 2 soundtrack.

"No, no way are we getting her a Barbie doll," said my advisor, "Why don't you buy her a science kit instead?"

I couldn't find a decent science kit, so I bought her a really nice book and the soundtrack.

I guess there's a lot of controversy surrounding Barbie -- does she promote narcissism? Insecurity in young girls? Unhealthy aspirations? Sounds like the fashion industry as a whole.

Out of all the shows and presentations for Fashion Week, I would have wanted to attend the Barbie runway show the most -- especially after watching this finale video from nitro:licious:

I'll choose Barbie over Bratz any day.

Miss Couturable
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