Sunday, March 22, 2009

Just keep swimming

"Are you seriously contemplating buying a one-piece?" asked a schoolmate incredulously. I sheepishly smiled back at her.

Alas, the weather is warming up (okay well, it rained today but still...) and I need a new bathing suit. I have never worn a bikini before. Three years ago, Mumsies took me to Nordstrom to buy a new bikini, but I swore to never go swimming ever again after glancing at my body in the mirror. Bathing suits reveal the worst of our insecurities and imperfections, both in and out.

But this year, not only am I going to Disneyland with a group of friends for spring break (and you can bet there will be a pool at the hotel), but also I am looking forward to the annual senior trip -- to Laguna Beach.

I need a bathing suit.

I don't like minimal coverage à la Victoria's Secret's string bikinis, but I'm also not keen on shortening my already petite frame with some high-waisted pinup suits à la Diane von Furstenburg Resort 2009. Bandeau tops flatten me. I have never tried on a monokini. I don't like print on my bathing suits. I don't like plain colors either.

For me, buying a bathing suit is harder than buying a prom dress. Next weekend, I am going to scour the shops and find my bathing suit. No excuses.
(Photo Credit -- Agent Provocateur)
My ideal bathing suit would be lingerie inspired but not too skimpy like this. Too bad it's from a past collection.

Miss Couturable
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