Saturday, April 11, 2009

Embracing another culture

(Photo Credit -- Janet Jun)
Today was Multicultural Day at school -- but unfortunately, I don't have a single article of Chinese clothing (and neither do my parents). However, I used this occasion as an excuse to borrow some Indian clothes from a friend.

I love Indian clothes and I pranced around school wishing "Jai Ho" was playing in the background and secretly hoping that I could sneak home in the outfit and keep it for the weekend (no such luck). Indian clothes have such a pungent vibrancy to them, from the bright colors to the intricately embezzled beads and jewels. The skinny silk pants I am wearing that you can't see in this photo are the same teal color as the scarf, with sequins and beads sewn at the bottom. Beautiful.

A parent of a former student at my school started a South Asian print fashion magazine called Nirvana Woman a couple years ago. I remember visiting the office a couple years ago and being completely in awe at this cultural fashion magazine, which featured not only South Asian designers and celebrities but also mainstream American celebrities such as Nigel Barker!
Some of you may have heard of Naeem Khan, an Indian-born designer who creates some of the finest craftmanship in design that I have ever seen.

I love shiny.

Miss Couturable
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