Monday, April 20, 2009

Sixth period nothingness

"You're acting like you don't care about high school anymore," I said, sitting across from the individual who was stretching his or her arms in a nonchalant manner.

"It's because I don't," the individual replied with a sideways grin. I think the individual may have yawned, or perhaps I imagined it. "After seeing all that college has to offer, I don't care about high school. I don't even care about senior prom anymore."

I smiled back sheepishly. I still care about senior prom -- about my dress and about trying to not have a wardrobe mishap (keyword: trying), at least. About the fun night with my friends. My last four weeks of high school still matter to me.

I know, as second semester seniors, we've been jetsetting around the nation, visiting colleges and trying to decide how our next four years will turn out by May 1st. We visit some college frat parties and get wasted and wake up with a hangover and puke before breakfast thinking, "College is so amazing and I could totally get used to this whole morning-vomit thing." We discuss the dorms in online forums and daydream about dorm life whenever we should actually be studying for the statistics exam (or writing on our blogs about daydreaming about dorm life when we should actually be studying for the statistics exam).

It's not a surprise that high school seems so trivial nowadays.

But we're not done yet. Part of me wants to be done with AP exams, 8:00am classes, and getting detentions for dress code violations -- but part of me loves the innocence and loss of innocence of high school. Like Friday night lights, first kisses, bad prom photos, and lying to your parents about your whereabouts. And fighting with your parents and crying to your friends, and fighting with your friends and crying to your parents.

But I didn't say any of this to the individual sitting in front of me. "Well, don't get too apathetic," I finally replied, realizing that I was still on the same page in my psychology textbook since the period had started. Four weeks is still a lot to live for, after all.

The bell rang and sixth period was over. I ended up being late to seventh period. We're still in high school, and we're still moving with the bells until graduation.

Miss Couturable
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