Friday, June 5, 2009

Hemp is hip

I've seen a few episodes of Project Runway, but I never followed the television show as closely as some people might expect me to. However, I adore the season five winner, Leanne Marshall -- who also writes a fascinating blog about the design process and post-Project Runway life. Apparently she's also from Northern California, used to sketch costumes for her ballet recital, and lived in Oregon for a while! Something in common, no?

Okay, I'm stretching it (Northern California is a big place, after all), but Leanne Marshall is like Vera Wang meets Calvin Klein meets Erin Fetherston meets California supergoddess minus the stereotypical surfing.
(Photo Credit -- Leanne Marshall)
In her Fall 2009 collection, she combines my three favorite colors -- plum, gold, and gray -- with organic and eco-friendly textiles in a delightfully elegant concoction of Old Hollywood glamour. Carefully placed drapes and folds manipulate the soft texture of the fabric in a demure manner -- not too structured but not quite Greco-Roman drapery either. Tailored but not stuffy.
(Photo Credit -- Leanne Marshall)
A hemp organiza and champagne silk taffeta gown? Please tell me you want this as your wedding dress someday too.

Miss Couturable
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