Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Color poppin'

I realize that I post about the Christian Dior Haute Couture collections almost every season, and I'm sure that everyone knows I would gladly don bright pink lipstick if it meant I could wear a New Look gown for a day (or, er, eternity).

What I love most about John Galliano's Dior couture is that he creates fashion that revels and explodes in color and vibrancy. I was sorting through my closet last night (pre-college clean-up), and I realized that most of the colors left in my wardrobe were dark in tone. Most of the clothes in my "discard" pile (many were clothes leftover from middle school) were pink, pink, and more pink.

And so as I glanced through the Fall 2009 collection, I lost my breath at the photo above. I had forgotten what it meant to wear color -- and I thank Monsieur Galliano for reminding me again.

Miss Couturable
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