Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Meet Madeleine Vionnet

(Photo Credit -- Apple)
This sounds ridiculously geeky, but I named my new 13-inch MacBook Pro. A friend suggested that I give my future succession of Apple computers a "theme" in which to name them -- so, of course, I chose fashion designers as my theme.
Because this is my first Apple computer, I chose to name it "Madeleine Vionnet," after an early but extremely influential fashion designer. Vionnet introduced the bias cut to the fashion industry in the 1920s, and she believed in timeless style that accentuated the female body in fluid curves and drapes à la Grecian robes.
(Photo Credit --
You can definitely see the Vionnet elements in another one of my favorite collections, Marchesa.

Additionally, she fought for copyright laws in fashion. What a tough cookie -- hopefully, my new laptop will be one too!

Miss Couturable
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