Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My first bite out of Apple

So I'm giving in -- and I've convinced my daddy that it's worth it. I'm buying a 13-inch MacBook Pro for college (and hey, it comes with a free iPod touch!) after owning IBM, Dell, and Toshiba laptops for the past ten years -- all PCs.

Why? Well, first of all, my Toshiba is very heavy and I find it more suitable as a laptop for my little sister to have in her room. She doesn't have to carry books and a laptop across the relatively-vast Columbia campus and potentially New York City, after all. I really need a smaller and lighter laptop.

Second, I'm not a computer programmer and I'm not a gamer. I know my way around computers but I can't build one nor can I write software for one. I'm geeky when it comes to web design and graphics, and Macs have a great interface for my obsessive photo collections.

Third, they're not only sleek and pretty -- they're also relatively environmentally-friendly and made of very durable and sustainable material. And I mean, they look nice while they're at it.

Fourth, new school, new city, new life, new laptop. It all comes together.

Fifth, well, I just got my AP scores today, and I've earned fifteen graduation credits out of a maximum sixteen that I can earn from AP exams. I'm even exempted from the foreign language requirement, but I'm leaning towards taking French anyway. My daddy is pleased, I'm pleased -- and I will treat myself.

So, Mac users: Should I get the three-year Apple Protection Plan? Is it worth it? What are some problems you've had with your Mac?

Miss Couturable
P.S. I will probably purchase the ColcaSac sleeve in Red Delicious to protect the MacBook Pro. It's durable, discreet and not tacky, and made of sustainable hemp. Any other suggestions?
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