Sunday, July 12, 2009

Organizers, planners, and agendas -- oh my!

In high school, I used Google Calendar to keep track of my events and deadlines. I used my laptop in class everyday anyways, and I found it easier to use than the calendar on my BlackBerry. Unlike many of my friends, I didn't use the little green and gold planner that we received from our school every year.

However, some of my friends recently lamented the fact that their respective colleges did not give out organizers to their students. After a brief perusal through an office supply store with my friends, I realized that most organizers were too bulky, too decorative, or too simple for my tastes and needs -- and yet I couldn't always rely on having my laptop on hand to check my schedule.
Instead, I bought a large soft cover weekly planner from Moleskine. It's simple, it's clean, it's much less expensive than a bulkier Kate Spade, and it's big enough to use without squinting and small enough to fit in my purse. I browsed the bookstore for other alternatives (include some chic leather ones), but I've discovered Moleskine planners to be the most practical and discreet.

Unfortunately, Moleskine planners do not come with the colorful stickers that made my high school planners so much fun. I'll miss those.

Miss Couturable
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