Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shameless self-promotion: lingerie and eco-fashion

Between my shoddy attempts at blogging on a regular basis and late nights spent perusing magazines and books, I satisfy my word-hungry soul (developed in a fantastic American literature class two years ago) by writing for various websites and publications that I truly care about -- mainly for their independent spirit and unique niches which one cannot find in most mainstream media.

One such publication is Shut Up! Magazine, for which I am Assistant Fashion Editor. It was founded in college and edited by Sahar Vahidi, a brilliant and extremely hardworking young woman who took a chance on my writing when the only clip I had was a lengthy research report about Coco Chanel and her impact on the prefeminist movement. The quarterly print magazine (and website) covers a wide range of topics related to alternative culture -- including music and fashion (of course!). Subscriptions for a full year are only $12!

I just received a copy of the Spring/Summer 2009 issue, so I've uploaded my own articles. To see more of the magazine (it's the lingerie issue with some nice spreads, so I assume you'd want to see more), you can preview it here.
Flashback: Loulou Loves You
Objets Trouvés by Kate Linstrom
Style File: Gemma Ward
I also recently wrote a piece about eco-fashion for the blog. You can read it here as I briefly discuss organic/sustainable wear, vegan wear, and vintage wear! The blog and website are also great resources for topics of interest to Asian American girls -- I always have a good time reading the articles.

Miss Couturable

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