Friday, July 24, 2009

Time for change (literally)

I am terribly guilty of stuffing whole dollar bills into my purse without even placing them back into my wallet. I've been doing it throughout my high school career, as my dear friends would gaze at my crumpled bills in half-horrified and half-amused visages. Part of me thinks that it's because I've been using a bulky and beat-up pink wallet from eighth grade. That wallet crumples up my dollar bills too, so why even bother organizing my change?
So, I purchased a blue Fendi long leather wallet. It's big enough to fit my money, credit cards, gift cards, and business cards -- without appearing bulky. It's chic enough for a college girl moving into the big city, while colorful enough to appear playful. Also to note: lizard print just makes everything seem more exciting.

Truth be told, I've been meaning to buy a new wallet for over three years (that's how beat up my wallet from middle school is), so I fell in love with quite a few lovely options, before I purchased the Fendi:
(Photo Credit --
I was obsessed with Yves Saint Laurent "Y-mail" when it first came out, and I'm still looking to purchase a coin purse from the collection in the future. It's very whimsical and I admit that I wish I had that handwriting.
The Chloé Paddington has always been an it-bag classic, and the wallet version carries the same beloved brasstone lock. Plus, I like my wallets with a pop of color.
I've always thought that the original Prada wallets were somewhat boring, but I like shiny metal. A lot.
(Photo Credit -- Louis Vuitton)
Or maybe I just like shiny in general. Once upon a time, I saw that my friend (or was it her mummy?) had this wallet and it is probably one of the few monogrammed pieces that I don't find overbearing at all. This friend told me that everyone in Korea has this wallet in different colors.
(Photo Credits -- Louis Vuitton, Coach, Yves Saint Laurent)
As for coin purses, my favorites have been these eccentric pieces from Louis Vuitton, Coach, and Yves Saint Laurent. For some reason, I think coin purses should pack a lot of "kaboom" in spite of their small size.

What do you use for your wallet or coin purse? Do you prefer the long ones or the classics?

Miss Couturable
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