Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Big baubles on bagues

I like rings, but I don't like the delicate thin kinds. I like them gaudy, ostentatious, and usually big. I only thought about this when my friend Katie showed me her new cocktail rings. Two summers ago, I bought a giant plastic blue ring in New York City and I showed my teacher. "Oh...that's great..." she said, shifting her eyes away. I have to admit though, that was a tacky ring.

My two favorite ring designers are Miss Bibi and Mauboussin -- they not only make beautiful wedding rings, but they also make fun whimsical pieces.
(Photo Credit -- Miss Bibi)
Miss Bibi bagues call out to the romantic fairytale lover within me, from the Mickey Mouse ears to the giant heart.
(Photo Credit -- Mauboussin)
Mauboussin bagues, on the other hand, manage to be both classic and unique. Big colorful gems have never been this sophisticated.
But you know, Miss Bibi and Mauboussin rings are far from cheap costume jewelry. A more affordable alternative would be this opal cluster ring from Limoges Jewelry. All of the bling without the big bucks.

Miss Couturable
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