Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cupcake (not cake) craving

I've always found Louis Vuitton purse cakes and shoe cakes to be painstakingly fascinating and yet too much of an extravagance for a girl who rarely cuts even cake slices and tends to eat what is in front of her without looking at her plate (I know -- I should change this habit). Cake is cake. The giant confection will be sliced and possibly smeared all over someone's face anyways.

I do like pretty cupcakes though -- while they're relatively simple in decoration (in comparison to a full cake), they punch a lot of flavor and petite glory into a few bites.
I could write on about cupcakes with the same enthusiasm that I do for fashion, but what prompted these sugary thoughts are these fashion-inspired cupcake photographs by photographer Therese Aldgård and prop stylist Lisa Edsälv. Why not have Vera Wang-inspired cupcakes to complement a Vera Wang gown on your wedding day?
Tragically, the last time I truly enjoyed a cupcake was at my eighteenth birthday party -- from Kara's Cupcakes, to be exact.

Miss Couturable
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