Thursday, August 13, 2009

In facialists we trust

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I discovered today that I am emotionally attached to my facialist. While I am loyal to my manicurist and hairdresser too, there is nothing like placing your trust in someone who extracts your blackheads (in other words, pops your zits) on a regular basis. It's always important to go to a licensed esthetician -- preferably one recommended by your dermatologist (my facialist, in fact, works with my dermatologist). You can always take a shower right after a bad perm, but the scarring from a bad blackhead extraction can last for a long time.

During my hour-long facial, my esthetician and I talked about college life and our terrible fascination with the students behind the television show NYC Prep. Alas, she ended up recommending the Glytone Flesh Tinted Acne Treatment Lotion with sulfur and resorcinol as a spot treatment for me. It smells like sulfur, but luckily I'm just using it at night.
Of course, after a facial, one's face is generally redder and more swollen than usual -- and more sensitive, as I can still feel the tingly aftereffects. As I bid my facialist goodbye this morning, I felt strangely stricken. I mean, I don't even let myself touch my face beyond my morning and night skincare regiments. I must have a lot of trust in her in order to let her touch my face for an entire hour.

Miss Couturable
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