Thursday, August 20, 2009

P-p-p-pockets everyday

{Batucada "Baroco" necklace from Brooklyn5and10, silk J. Crew belt with feathers, Lamixx wool pocket dress, ankle-strapped wedge heels from Belle International}
You see, I think every girl -- especially every college girl -- should have a dress with functional pockets. Deep pockets for when you don't want to carry around a purse (although, handbags are a basic necessity in my book). However, most of the "practical" dresses and skirts I've bought, from a $600 Marc by Marc Jacobs dress to a $200 BCBG Max Azria skirt to a $30 Erin Fetherston for Target jumper, have fake pockets or flimsy pockets which I don't trust with my keys. Why is it so hard to find a nice looking dress with usable pockets? What if I'm just running out of my dorm room for a quick snack downstairs and I don't want to bring my entire bag?

Enter the wool blend low v pocket dress from Jacqueline Rose of Lamixx. Like an ideal pocket dress, it's versatile and easy to manipulate. Here are five reasons why ladies need pockets too:
  1. We don't always have the perfect purse or clutch for the outfit.
  2. On top of all of the clothes in the hamper, do we seriously want to carry our purses to do the laundry too?
  3. Sometimes, reaching into our pockets is easier than digging around a Balenciaga.
  4. If men carry manpurses (or "murses") nowadays, we can ask for "manly" pockets.
  5. We're prone to carry too much in our purses (well, at least I am).
My friends like this dress -- but they also think that it looks like a potato sack (an attractive one, at least). However, cinch the waist and you get a comfortable wool dress that can be dressed down or up. The wonderful thing about a dress with pockets is that it can be thrown on for a quick errand or dolled up for a night out. It reminds of the loose playdresses I wore as a child. I recall that those dresses had pockets too. I can still have playdates, right?

Miss Couturable

P.S. To enter to win the Batucada "Baroco" bracelet (I'm wearing the Batucada "Baroco" necklace), click here! Entries close on August 23rd, 2009.
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