Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Town & Country in the city

My French midterm examination is tomorrow, and I am well-aware that my last update on Miss Couturable was more than four weeks ago. While I am still learning how to balance blogging with everything else going on in life, I already have a list of things I want to share with my fellow lovelies -- as soon I finish taking my last midterm examination next Thursday, of course.
To briefly update you on my life here at Columbia University, I am currently a fashion intern for Town & Country magazine. Indeed, I'm back at Hearst! I'm also working on starting Columbia University's first and only fashion publication, so stay tuned for updates on that -- 'tis amazing how talented and dedicated the students are here.

I am also trying to avoid swine flu. Don't worry -- Miss Couturable will be back and running as long as I can evade sickness for another week. Hope you're all doing marvelously well; toodaloo!

Miss Couturable
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