Thursday, November 26, 2009

Dream big with a bigger heart

Even though I go to school in New York City, I have great respect for Silicon Valley in California. After all, I grew up here -- here, where Steve Jobs could quite possibly be your neighbor (if you live in Silicon Valley) and cascading golden hills push against venture capitalist firms.

For all the differences between New York City and Silicon Valley (fashion sense, for one), they share one common characteristic: the fast pace of life -- there is always something new to discover, something important to do, something to tend to.

During my past three months at Columbia University so far, I've realized that I don't want to be another fashionista behind the desk forever. I've discovered my love of both social media and print journalism -- and I've discovered that I love entrepreneurial endeavors and feeling the blood course through my veins during late nights in the library, as evidenced by Hoot. I love making change. I love working with people with the same passion and drive and insatiable thirst for curiosity.

So, next summer -- I'm getting away from New York City. What will I be doing? I will be interning for a top fashion publication in Beijing or Shanghai, working with a Chinese language tutor to improve my language skills, and visiting Tibet.

I am going to get away from New York City and Silicon Valley for a moment because I want to see what else is out there. I have some ridiculous dreams, of which I shall briefly elaborate on for your entertainment purposes (ha!):
  • I want to become editor-in-chief of a top fashion magazine. If I want to shape the mindsets of millions of women, magazines are the way to go -- and I will always believe that. I will never forget the impact that opening up my first copy of W left on me. I will always love print journalism and publishing and fashion, and I don't think I can do without it.
  • I want to found my own company, combining the top entrepreneurial and technological innovators of Silicon Valley to the most creative minds in the fashion and publishing industry of New York City (and the rest of the world, in fact!). The world is changing at a rapid pace, and I will keep up. I will do it.
  • I want to publish a book. Writing is still one of my top passions and possibly the only way I can ever clear my thoughts at the end of the day. "You have interesting life experiences -- the rest of America isn't like you," said one of my friends. I don't know if this is true, but I am determined to eventually squeeze out what life has smashed into me.
  • I want to win a Putlizer Prize, like fashion journalist Robin Givhan. And very few journalists ever do win this honor, but I do want to be the best reporter that I can be -- and prove that fashion is newsworthy, fashion is important, and fashion is interesting.
  • I want to find a cause in this world that makes my heart wrench in passion -- and do something about it. I want something that will change me -- and in return, compel me to change the world.
The young ones are the most idealistic and zealous ones -- and why not? The world does not expect any less of us.

Miss Couturable
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