Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sheer joy

(Photo Credit -- Rue La La and
Winter is approaching in New York City, but I seem to be surrounding myself in sheer fabrics instead of heavy woolens -- highly impractical and certain to make me susceptible to the cold. I recently purchased a pair of Wolford "Voile" leggings and a Hanii Y blazer with organza sleeves, and I'm obsessing over the juxtaposition of lingerie materials and classic black pieces.

I'm wearing a lot of black and white lately, but it would be too simple to say that black and white are the "easy way out" when it comes to dressing in the morning. Spicing up a monochrome outfit by replacing the opacity with sheerness requires balancing skin with fabric -- subtleties that I am determined to master.

In any case, sheer fabrics in their flouncy glory remind me of fairy tale princesses -- and I don't see anything wrong with whimsical touches to classic pieces.

Miss Couturable
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