Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Efficient for all the wrong reasons

This is how great I am at time management (not really): As soon as my writing class finished at 3:55pm, I looked up a list of BCBG Max Azria stores in New York City. I called each one up, asking for a pair of the widely coveted and blogged about Mendel Wedge Booties in size 6.5. I wanted a pair so terribly that I was even willing to go for a pair of size 7's.

You see, it's not often that a pair of shoes transforms you, but these shoes did it for me. They add six inches to my height, which means I can say I'm 5'7" when wearing them. They're extraordinary comfortable for six inches because they're wedges, and they coordinate with almost anything at any time of the year. When I wore these to the dining hall, my friend said, "I think three guys just eye-raped you," which I suppose is both creepy and flattering at the same time.

In what must have been a stroke of fate, the third store I called -- the BCBG Max Azria at Fifth and Fortieth, had the shoes in size 6.5.

"Can you please hold them for an hour for me?" I begged the sales associate on the phone. We finally reached an agreement; they would put the shoes on hold for me, but they'd call me if a customer wanted to buy them before I arrived at the store.

I was already walking to my local subway station by then. By 5:25pm, I had already tried on the shoes, fallen in love thrice over, and was headed back to campus.

I then proceeded to eat dinner with my Hoot co-editor in chief at 6:30pm, lead a Hoot meeting at 7:30pm, and immediately headed to the library afterward to write a research paper, where I am sitting right now, equipped with two sugar-free Redbull drinks.

If only I could write research papers as fast as I shop.

Miss Couturable
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