Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Just try not to spill, please

These four short months in college have taught me a lot about that cheesy cliché known as girl power. I found myself grappling in a community where I was determined to prove myself not only as an individual, but as a woman. There is nothing like navigating your way through a dark brownstone townhouse full of frat boys to make you assertive and more wary of your surroundings. No means no, boys. Supplement that with essays by Edward Said and Judith Butler, and you get a college education.

Honestly, if you spill beer on my Bill Blass jacket, please don't ask me for a second dance. And then spill more beer on it when I say I need to get some fresh air. I know you're tipsy, but I'm the one traipsing around in the platform pumps.

So, all of this "rah-rah girl power" energy combusted when I found these photographs of Jacques Fath dresses by Walde Huth -- yes, a female photographer in the 1950s. She took photographs for top German fashion magazines and various commissions around Europe. In a time when women were still considered to be delicate blossoms, this daring lady was traveling around Europe, calling her own shots.

When I was little, I would don a cape blanket and jump on my bed, pretending I was Superwoman. Perhaps it is time to invest in a pleated organza cape à la Jacques Fath.

Miss Couturable
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