Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lazy and loving leggings

It's fairly embarrassing. Maybe I'm just hiding the effects of the freshman fifteen. Maybe I just keep forgetting to do my laundry. Maybe I'm just lazy in the mornings, now that I think my 9am French class is too early (how did I do it in high school?).

In any case, Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl wouldn't approve. "Leggings are not pants!" she exclaimed.

That's okay, Blair. We may share a love of Wolford stockings and we may both be perfectionists, much to the chagrin of our friends, but the similarities end there.

I wear leggings on a frequent basis nowadays. J'aime my Madewell stirrup leggings. J'adore my Wolford sheer leggings. Je chéris my Uniqlo satin leggings. Oui oui, Mademoiselle Waldorf -- I do wear them as pants!

I'm not the only freshman who has resorted to leggings as an outfit staple; I just had a conversation about this with a few of my friends at Columbia. Leggings are sleeker and much more polished looking than sweatpants -- and just as comfortable. I have no problems with slipping on a pair of black stirrup leggings, a cropped jacket, a cashmere sweater, and a pair of black heels -- and going to class or work.

So, answer me: can you wear leggings as pants?

Miss Couturable
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