Saturday, December 12, 2009

A study break well spent

We have plenty of boutiques in the San Francisco bay area, but only in New York City can you walk into a random store and find the designer there to personally greet you.

Dara Adeeyo of Secretista and I wandered into the Cynthia Rowley store in the West Village today, and to our delightful surprise, the absolutely adorable Mademoiselle Rowley herself was there! She was so sweet and talked to all her customers, and had the cutest daughter in the world.

I asked to take a photo with her in what must have been a deprecatingly shameless tone of voice, and she responded, "Are you serious?" Yes, Mademoiselle Rowley! I adore your simple and sweet designs, books, and the boots that are on your feet right now.

Now, I have two French compositions to write, a Greek drama paper to write, and an art history final examination to study for -- but alas, at least I had a good study break.

Miss Couturable
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