Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fangirl for Alexander Wang

Gilt Groupe had an Alexander Wang accessories sale this morning, and while I was enamored with the sky-high heels and boots, I couldn't bear to buy another pair of potential ankle breakers. Flat shoes are underrated, my loves. I have my fair share of high heels, ranging from a modest 2.5 inches to a life-changing 6 inches, but when you're a college student traipsing around New York City, you'd rather get to places on time than stumble in with a sprained ankle.
So, I bought a pair of Alexander Wang Frankie Creeper Combat Hi-Top Boots -- perfectly functional for the snow, an edgy alternative to my beloved and goofy plum and pink Timberland boots, and an even more practical alternative to my collection of suede boots and ballerina flats. Wang has a talent in making hardware and combat couture appealing to girls like me, who wear mouse faces on shoes and carry frilly parasols in the rain (mind you, my Guy de Jean umbrella has held up on all sorts of weather -- a worthy investment for a California girl).

I have a personal fascination with Wang because he attended my prep school, and I was able to meet him two summers ago. Back in high school, teachers would tell me about what a creative genius he was, and how he loved to take his friends shopping and give them fashion advice. In fact, our school newspaper snagged an exclusive interview with him, the moment his first knitwear collection came out (ah, yes -- the knitwear collection that launched his career). He still remains to be an elusive personal hero of mine -- proving that youth is not an obstacle to success. In fact, it may be a virtue of success in this day and age.

May I dream big and go far, without blisters, in my new combat boots.

Miss Couturable

P.S. The remnants of the sale may still be going on, if you want to check it out! Click here for an invite.
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