Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Outfit posts: oui ou non?

Oh, j'adore blogger Miss Pandora, a.k.a. Louise. Not only does she post the most ethereal photos of herself and her life, such as this Zara cape and these Topshop boots, but also she is studying art history in Paris. Maybe I really should invest in a cape, since I've been thinking about it a lot. Additionally, I need to practice my French, and reading French fashion blogs is most pain-free option I can find.

In any case, I have a lot of respect and awe for fashion bloggers who post photos of their outfits on a regular basis, from the original teen fashionista Casey of Teen Fashionista, to the fiercely independent Jazzi of Jazzi McG, to the ubiquitous Jane of Sea of Shoes. It takes a lot of courage, confidence, and creativity to put oneself out there for public scrutiny. Fashion isn't known for being nice -- and neither is the internet.

My suitemate recently asked me, "Why don't you start posting daily outfits on your blog?" She had enjoyed purveying through my closet on the first day of orientation week. So, I responded, "Well, I don't think my outfits are interesting enough for the internet." She paused for a moment. "Sure they are," she said, "You dress like you. That's interesting."

Well, okay -- I do have a camera and a camera tripod in my dorm. Should I start including weekly outfit posts on Miss Couturable, once the semester begins? Quite honestly, I'm still trying to figure out how to dress for the snow. No more sandals in January for me, unfortunately.

Miss Couturable
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