Saturday, February 13, 2010

A/W 2010: Andy & Debb

Seokwon Andy Kim and Wonjeong Debbie Yoon, the designers behind Andy & Debb, are a terribly adorable husband-wife duo -- which is fitting, because the collection debuted just in time for Valentine's Day.
Devon Aoki sat in the front row, and because I am an ultimate creeper, I snapped this photo of her. She's adorable and tiny. I wish I had the courage to talk to her (someday, someday!).

Additionally, I sat nearby my former boss and editor at Seventeen. As silly as this sounds, it is such a wonderful feeling to see a familiar face when you are in the tents.
(Photo Credit -- Getty Images)
Everything was very wearable and well-made, but the only pieces that stuck out to me were the intricate furs, made of individual balls. I suppose I was already jaded by the dull tones in every collection I've seen so far -- I wanted bright colors in the winter. There was a certain dusky rose dress in the collection, but I am not a fan of satin dresses in most cases.

One of Andy & Debb's strongest points, however, is the clean-cut tailoring and simple elegance of every piece. While I found each individual piece to be bare, I could imagine building a great outfit from such simple foundations. Too bad my closet is full of over-the-top dresses from high school.
Ah, so this is love.

Miss Couturable
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