Monday, February 15, 2010

A/W 2010: Lela Rose

Lela Rose originally designed bridesmaid dresses, so I expected nothing more than variations of cocktail dresses and other pretty numbers that one could wear to Sunday brunch. I half-expected a cohort of Ladies Who Lunch to sit in the front row, in fact.

However, I was pleased to discover that indeed, while one could easily wear this collection to tea with the grandmother, one could also easily transition to a party at the Boom Boom Room later that day.
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I suppose the one deviation from the typical cocktail wear collection that kept me interested was the usage of texture -- there is nothing like tactility to keep a person thinking. I spent half of the show thinking about how adorable Hyoni Kang was, admittedly. I'm turning into her biggest fan this season.

My favorite piece was a particular gold jumpsuit that look fantastically comfortable. I've been in my pajama pants all day (sick, sigh), so I can't help but want a glamorous one-piece suit. Lela Rose's pieces are always wearable and fairly modest -- and yet youthful, which I would imagine to mediate compromise between my mummy and me. She still thinks a bikini is risqué.
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Lastly, Lela Rose herself is adorable. I tried to snap a photo of her myself, but it was too blurry. Luckily, did what I couldn't.

Miss Couturable
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