Saturday, February 13, 2010

A/W 2010: Twinkle by Wenlan

I found myself sitting in the second row at Twinkle by Wenlan today, close enough to notice which models had acne. I have a weird fascination with models who stumble and models with acne -- mostly just because knowing that they, too, are human, makes the "perfection" of fashion more approachable.
I noticed that there were some terribly emaciated models, but there was also a certain model with wonderfully muscular legs. We need more models like that. Hyoni Kang was also walking, and I snapped up quite a few photos of her.
(Photo Credit -- Getty Images)
My favorite pieces were the bold jewelry and the crazy matching top and pant set. Normally I don't like matching prints, but in this day and age, when people wear onesies, why not? I enjoyed how the collection wasn't completely black or muted colors -- there were jewel tones, pretty prints, and nudes.

I am also a huge fan of designers who support a diversity of ethnicity in casting their models. Wenlan Chia is Taiwanese herself.

Miss Couturable
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