Saturday, May 8, 2010

I never left high school

A couple weeks ago, after a Sunday brunch with high school friends at Riingo in Midtown East, I wandered into the mass pandemonium that was Lord & Taylor on Fifth Avenue. I really should have headed uptown to start studying for my final exams, but instead I was surrounded by fresh-faced 16-year-old girls and their high-heeled mothers, sipping sparkling water and pink lemonade. I met up with Chelsea of Pink Rock Candy and Arabelle of Fashion Pirates -- ironically, Arabelle is the only one of us who is in high school. Ah, well, it's swell to be young at heart, no?

Lord & Taylor was launching "Prom-a-Palooza" -- consisting of a makeshift fashion show, 25% off prom dresses with free basic alterations, and three exclusive dresses designed by Parsons alumni: Hannah Haien Lee, Nicki Cozzolino, and Samantha Sleeper.This was my favorite dress, designed by Hannah Haien Lee and retailing for a reasonable price of $300. Paired with Betsey Johnson lace ankle boots, it offered a sugary sweet confection of a dress. I would have added a pair of motorcycle gloves and a simple string of pearls to complete the look.
Samantha Sleeper designed this nontraditional dress. While the outrageous skirt can easily be glammed up for prom, it could be suitable for future nights out with a tailored blazer and a nonchalant attitude.
And, of course, for the girl who reluctantly shows up to the dance and intends to leave after 30 minutes -- only to dance the night away against her prior discretion -- Nicki Cozzolino designed this short number. It's a bit short for a school dance, so you better wear tights or leggings with that.

In between mouthfuls of miniature cupcakes, I started thinking about my high school proms, and how I rarely have an opportunity to wear frothy, frilly dresses anymore. While I may have left these days behind for the collegiate world of dangerous minidresses for clubbing and "themed" clothing like "anything but clothes"for frat parties, I could not help but feel slightly nostalgic for the days of yonder, when I shopped (and fought) with my mother for an age appropriate dress.

For those of you in high school who are going to prom this year, I offer you three pieces of advice, as someone who went to junior/senior prom every year of high school and had wardrobe misshapes almost every year (I guess I don't learn my lessons very well):
  1. Get alterations done. If the dress is a bit too loose on top or it drags too far past your feet, please seek a tailor. You've spent so much time shopping for the perfect outfit -- don't let it go to waste. A night of dancing can easily be ruined if you're too busy pulling up your dress or tripping over your date's feet.
  2. Eat before the dance. Yes, you're probably thinking that you don't want a "food baby" in your awkwardly-posed studio photos, but you need the energy for dancing.
  3. If your dress rips or a button snaps, don't worry -- no one's looking. Frankly, prom is very self-indulgent; after the initial glances at your outfit, no one else is going to care that your strap accidentally broke. Bring an emergency sewing kit in your clutch, get a good friend to stitch you up in the restroom, and forget about it for the rest of the night.
And as always, send me photos! I'd love to see what you wore to prom. Stay safe!

Miss Couturable
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