Monday, January 24, 2011

Barter system: votes for bad haiku

Sometime in my insomniac state last night -- between finishing up a philosophy write-up, convincing myself not to buy a pair of Proenza Schouler boots (verdict: still debating with myself), ranting about my frivolous pet peeve, and finally dozing off to bed at 6:30am (and then waking up at 7:30am for class), I decided to enter Refinery29’s and COVERGIRL’s Hunt For The Next Big Style Blogger. The winner gets a trip to New York City (although, I guess I'm already here -- lucky me), a $1,000 cash prize, and most importantly (and the reason why I entered), a guest blogger gig at Refinery29.

Basically, I read Refinery29 obsessively (I even bought my Oberon Design iPad cover because one of their articles) and I've also been a huge fan girl of the infinitely cool editor Connie Wang, from back in her Pretty Legit days (You mean she was once an awkward Asian college student who spent too much time on the internet too?!).

So, if you have five seconds and a Facebook account, I would be so grateful if you would vote for me once here. As of right now, I'm one of the more recent entries, and I'm Noel from New York. The most popular blogger has 240 votes so far (and I have two, ha) -- but hey, it's worth a shot. I get more than 240 views a day, at least.

In return, I will write you a bad haiku (if you request one -- and you tell me about yourself. Otherwise it would have to be a bad random haiku.). Merci beaucoup!

Miss Couturable

P.S. I'm slightly better at writing about style than I am at writing haikus. Vote for me and we can keep it that way.
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